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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a great article about weight loss programs for menopausal women

Here is a great article I found regarding weight loss programs for menopausal women.  I think you will enjoy it.  He seems to really know what he is talking about regarding menopausal women:

Weight Loss Advice For Menopausal Women

When a woman reaches the age that menopause has taken it's hold, she may find that it is very hard to stay "slim" any longer. In fact the weight seems to just pile on without any effort at all. What can women do about it? Well, the answer isn't what most of you want to hear, but it's important to your health. Here are a few tips to get that weight off and keep it off.
The biggest thing the you may notice is that you just can't eat what you used to, because it will surely put on the weight. Why is this true? As the body ages, your metabolism will naturally slow down. This in itself has nothing to do with menopause, since it affects men as well. However with the female hormones such as estrogen in recession mode, the female body tends to slow down even more. With this in mind, it is certainly time to think about changing your diet. But there are other reasons besides just trying to lose weight, you will also need to increase certain nutrients such as calcium for strong bones, fiber to keep the digestive tract healthy, and plenty of vitamin rich vegetables to help fight off cancer and other diseases.
So if you need to eat more foods that are good for you, losing weight is going to mean quitting the foods that are of no value, especially ones that are high in calories and fats. Foods such as snacks which are high in sugar, especially processed foods. These foods are known as "comfort" food to some, but they sure don't offer comfort when you put on the pounds. Many people are also somewhat addicted to sodas which are very high in sugar, as well as caffeine too. Once you lose that sugar high, you must keep drinking more to stay energized. Why not eat more natural foods that give you energy without the sugar?
In order to stay healthy and happy, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet - meaning about 10-20 per cent of your calories as protein, around 50-70 per cent of your calories as carbohydrates, and only about 15 per cent of your calories as fat. Think of food as energy for your body, and the fuel that you need to perform at your very best every day. In order to keep your "machine" in good working order, you must really give it high energy fuel that is also clean. Clean fuel means natural foods, such as healthy vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole-grain bread, and lean meat or fish. Complex carbohydrates are a great choice for energy since they burn more slowly than sugary foods, which provides a more steady long-lasting fuel supply. Eat plenty of oats, potatoes, lentils, yams, bagels, brown rice, bran, and cereals.
Not only is it important to eat complex carbohydrates, it is also just as important to stay away from fatty foods. The main culprit is meat, since more Americans eat way more than they need. You don't have to be a vegetarian to reap the benefits of less meat and more vegetables, just switch to lower fat meats such as fish, skinless chicken breast, and even turkey. Trim off the excess fat where you can as well, and eat smaller portions too. This is a habit you can find easy to deal with, especially when the weight starts to drop.
There are many symptoms of menopause and also many cures for these symptoms. Learn as much as you can about them, and you can take positive steps to find relief for yourself. What you don't know can hurt you sometimes!
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